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1TRONIC Network listed 1TRC tokens on Bilaxy on June, 14th 2021. Traders can trade in the 1TRC/USDT pair. The decision to register in CEX is part of an effort to increase the value of $1TRC. Previously $1TRC was traded on the DEX platform on PancakeSwap and SushiSwap.

Founder of 1TRONIC Network, Mr. Voltron explained that after the Bilaxy listing, 1TRONIC had prepared several innovations. The first is the release of the Crypto and Bank Payment Point / CBPP app. CBPP is a payment application in which there is the application of cryptocurrency technology. Through the 1TRONIC payment application, users can make payments with fiat money, i.e rupiahs. User is also can make payments with crypto which is converted into rupiah. The main crypto used in this application is $1TRC. 1TRONIC has also created others facilities, there are crypto swaps and swaps from crypto to rupiah.

Another innovation is the creation of a Defi application. The App will include swap facilities, liquidity pools, launchpad, staking, and farming. The creation of this innovation is expected to increase the value of $1TRC in the future.

To make this happen, Mr. Voltron expects support from the 1TRONIC community around the world. "Community is an important asset of 1TRONIC for this token to have a high value. I thank those who have supported us," he said.


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