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1TRONIC Network is preparing for immediate listing on the international centralized exchange (CEX). The Dev Team is still waiting for the Crypto and Bank Payment Point (CBPP) 1TRONIC application, which is in the final stages of development. Meanwhile, to strengthen the fundamentals of the 1TRC token, The Dev Team created an ADD LIQUIDITY PROGRAM for 1TRC token holders.

" The 1TRONIC application map in the form of an apk has been distributed to the team for initial evaluation. The results are in the corridors we think about," explained Heu, media officer of 1TRONIC Network. The 1TRONIC team estimates that early in Q3 2021, the application is ready to be tested to see its function. At the same time, the preparation for listing on CEX is expected to be final.

Thus, the CEX listing and the launch of the 1TRONIC application can be done at the same time. The 1TRC token will be used as a transaction bridge in the 1TRONIC application. 1TRC tokens will be converted into Indonesian Rupiah to be paid in user billing. The 1TRONIC application for the initial stage is only used for consumers in Indonesia.

In the future, the 1TRONIC team plans to develop the 1TRONIC application to the Southeast Asia region and further to the world in the Business to the Business scheme. Meanwhile, to strengthen the fundamentals of the 1TRC token in the market, the Dev Team created the ADD LiQUIDITY PROGRAM, in which holders place their assets in Liquidity 1TRC on May 1-10, 2021 will receive rewards Tokocrypto (TKO) Tokens. The amount of the TKO reward is 50 TKO that will be divided proportionally. Attractive offer isn't it?

For further information please contact to 1tronicnetwork02@gmail.com