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The big family of the 1Tonic Network community in Central Java, recently held a family gathering at the tourist attraction de Tjolomadoe, Karanganyar, Central Java. A total of 15 people attended the event which was full of joy. This activity was carried out to enliven the 1TRC token launch that will be held in April.

The event began with a discussion about their activities and introducing each other. Then, to visit de Tjolomadoe Museum. At each exotic point, participants took pictures together with various styles.

The photo starts at the west plaza de Tjolomadoe, then on the northeast side. Continued the photos on the front page of the museum. And finally, the participants took a group photo at the Resto Besari spot. In this restaurant courtyard, the participants produced a video Tiktok which made the event even more lively.

The event ended with lunch as well as a discussion about the cryptocurrency and 1TRC token made by 1Tronic Network which will be launched. "1Tronic is a real business that we will run later. It sells pulses, pays for insurance, electricity bill, etc, everything is there," said Mr Voltron, the initiator of 1Tronic Network.

With the support of that real businesses, hopefully, ITRC tokens will exist in the future and can be an investment choice for the public. (***)